Academics / Honors

Trenton Independent School District
Pre-AP Course Contract 2015-2016

Pre-AP courses are academically advanced courses designed to challenge motivated students to understand rigorous content.  The curricula for the courses are built on the core academic curriculum following the Texas Knowledge and Skills expectations for each course.  Pre-AP courses have a weighted average for class rank.

Entrance Guidelines:
Pre-AP Courses are open to any student who has met the following placement standards.
•    Successful completion of prerequisite course work with a final grade of 85 or higher.
•    Score an acceptable or advanced level on the most recent STAAR Test for the prerequisite course.
•    Successful completion of assigned summer Pre-AP Project by the instructor deadline.

Personal Profile:
•    Reading on or above grade level
•    Strong study skills and sufficient self-motivation to persevere when faced with challenging material or a more rapid pace of instruction
•    Proficient oral and written communication skills
•    Self-discipline to plan, organize, and carry through tasks to completion
•    Interest and self-directedness in the selected Pre-AP course.

Pre-AP courses may require a substantial amount of work outside of class for successful completion of the courses.  Students should carefully evaluate the time-commitments and priorities of extracurricular and community activities as they consider the number of Pre-AP courses for their schedules.

General Course Expectations:

Students in Pre-AP classes are held to a higher level of expectation than regular academic classes.  Each student in a Pre-AP class is required to

•    Do his/her own work on all assignments, projects, or exams,
•    Complete and submit all assignments (homework, projects, reports, compositions) on the due date,
•    Submit make-up work promptly following an absence,
•    Attend enrichment period as necessary,
•    Sign a course contract.